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Mom’s Wedding Dress – Re-purposed

Mom’s Wedding Dress – Re-purposed

My parents moved into a retirement home and I needed to clean out their home and one of the treasures I came across was my mom’s wedding dress. She had always kept it hoping one day I or someone in the family might wear it.

She was tiny, much, much tinier than any of us, even her young grandchildren, so none of us could ever wear it. The dress was beautiful. Ivory satin, and it had a long train. I kept it for many years and just could not bring myself to throw it away or pass on to good will. I needed to keep it in the family.

Finally, last year I decided to make the women of all ages in the family a little keep sake bag out of the dress.
I knew what I wanted to do but one of the hardest things I have ever done was make that first cut into that dress!! I had made a small pattern and laid it out on the material and knew I had enough to make everyone a small bag – BUT – that meant I had to actually cut up my mom’s beautiful dress.

Summoning the courage, I made that first cut – felt better – and was finish enough bags to pass along a little piece of family memorabilia  to each of us.

I finished them off by taking a wedding picture and printing it on Avery Printable Fabric and ironing one on each bag. 

I’m not sure what treasurers each bag will hold but I do know they will be special.


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