Inspiration and Mindfulness

New Year

2021 is upon us! Almost one month in! Is it just me getting older that seems to allow time to go faster?

2020 was such a mess.

Within our family we experienced two tragic moments that will forever effect us.

Within the world all of us are coping the best we can with the global pandemic.

Within our minds we deal with all of this daily and try to stay positive, productive and feel useful and purposeful.  

As the world stays home to try and curb this pandemic we have all had to learn to put new importance on things that not very long ago were the unintentional, inconsequential day to day activities. Now they consume us and become the highlight of our days!

Simple things become important. 

Find pleasure in your life, your surroundings, the people you are with.

Become familiar with the technology available to us to learn; keep in touch; explore; share.

Be thankful and allow yourself to relax and breath.


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