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Heirloom Projects

 Heirloom Projects  

Creating heirloom memories is fun and easy but it does take some pre-planning.

I love helping people re-purpose things to create items and share memories of loved ones.

We can be such a disposable, throw away society so the next time you are cleaning out your children’s clothes to make room for new ones – think about saving a special outfit or T-shirts.

When you are downsizing your home or your parents look at everything not as old but as a new possibility.  Are there shirts, sweaters, finished or unfinished craft items that can be re-purposed into keepsakes for new baby gifts, father or mother day gifts, Christmas or birthday gifts?

Shirts can be made into pillows, quilts, picture; sweaters into mittens, pillow covers or golf club covers; cup and saucers can become bird baths or bird feeders and tea pots out in the garden can be homes for birds and butterflies – the ideas are endless and all are possible.

 Why hold onto a keepsake and keep it in a box stored hidden away. The easiest way to downsize and become more efficient is either display or use the item – my motto is ‘if I can’t see it or use it then it goes’ I refuse to store things in boxes just to have them. I recognize there are seasonal items that require storage but to reduce and declutter overall requires a strong will and looking at being able to re-purpose special keepsakes can make the task easier. 

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Crafts: I love heirloom sewing, sustainable reusable items, scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting, journaling, just to highlight a few things.

I will share some of my own ideas as well as links to other crafter’s who share these loves.


About me and things you will find on my site.

About Me:

Newly retired, I started this website as a way to discover myself and connect with the world in a new way.  It is easy when you are out everyday working to meet people and share thoughts and ideas. How many of us try to save the world on our lunch break! But being retired posed a new challenge to stay connected with other people who share common interests in Inspiration and Mindfulness; Resilience; Crafts and Sustainability. 

I choose ‘A Lotus Blooming’ for my website name because I had read a quote on a wonderful website Healing Brave and felt it fit where I was in my new journey.

“The lotus flower is a reminder of the beauty that comes from change, the magic that a new beginning brings, and the seed of potential that’s buried in the most unlikely places.” – Jennifer Williamson

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