About me and things you will find on my site.

About Me:

Newly retired, I started this website as a way to discover myself and connect with the world in a new way.  It is easy when you are out everyday working to meet people and share thoughts and ideas. How many of us try to save the world on our lunch break! But being retired posed a new challenge to stay connected with other people who share common interests in Inspiration and Mindfulness; Resilience; Crafts and Sustainability. 

I choose ‘A Lotus Blooming’ for my website name because I had read a quote on a wonderful website Healing Brave and felt it fit where I was in my new journey.

“The lotus flower is a reminder of the beauty that comes from change, the magic that a new beginning brings, and the seed of potential that’s buried in the most unlikely places.” – Jennifer Williamson

There is so much written about the lotus flower and its symbolism in Egyptology, Buddhism and many cultures. In each culture there may be a slightly different interpretation , but generally the lotus reflects spiritual awakening, purity, potential, rebirth, creation, and eternity.

Do I really want to retire?

I loved my work and most of all the people but the environment was changing faster than I felt I could keep up and continue to make a valuable contribution.  Time to step aside and put what  talents that I have towards something that provided me an opportunity to grow, be creative and feel self worth. 

I love being at home and do not feel the need to be on the move all the time, so I think that learning how to blog and share ideas and connect with self minded individuals is how I want to find my new way in the world.

My Interests – things you will find on my site.

Inspiration and mindfulness: I am certainly not interested in trying to pretend that I have anything new to enlighten the world about the lotus flower or its symbolism but, I will share how quotes and stories have inspired me or brought me peace and I will share their links so you to may also enjoy them.

Resilience:   Life is tough sometimes. We all need help to get through it. Not all of us reach out physically or verbally but find support in quiet ways – reading, keeping a journal, praying, meditating. I am one of those people and I will share in my own quiet way the things that help me persevere and provide links to the things that inspire me.

Crafts: I love heirloom sewing, reusable items, I scrapbook, knit, crochet and journal, just to highlight a few things and I will share some of my own ideas as well as links to other crafters who share these loves. Let me hear from you too!

Sustainability:  I am certainly no pioneer woman! But I love the idea of not being wasteful and preserving the earth and world around us.

I use essential oils all the time. I defuse them, make roll-ons and I want to share my experiences using them and hear about yours.

I will also share links to other self minded sites that have valuable information on homemade remedies that you can use to make your own bath-salts, toothpaste, creams and healing salves , reusable products that will save you money and you will feel you are contributing to our sustainability – and have fun doing it!

Let the journey begin! 

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